WINFOCUS Switzerland

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WINFOCUS Switzerland

Main Contacts

Prof. Karim Bendjelid
Winfocus-Switzerland’s President
Associate Editor JCMC
Geneva University Hospital
Intensive Care Unit
CH-1211 Geneva 14

Dr. med. Marco Betello
Winfocus-Switzerland’s Secretary
Geneva University Hospital
CH-1211 Geneva 14

Dr. med. Gabriele Lecca
Winfocus-Switzerland’s Treasurer
Jura Regional Hospital
Emergency Department
2800 – Delémont


In Switzerland, Winfocus has slowly developed over the years, with first “pioneer” colleagues who have participated from the beginning to the Winfocus-global adventure. It has witnessed a remarkable development in Swiss, transforming this reality from a peripheral reality (where purely regional courses were organized) to a national reality across the entire Swiss territory. Parallel to this natural development, it has witnessed a structuring of this reality in an Associative Reality, according to Swiss national statutes, transforming this group into a Medical Association named Winfocus-Switzerland. This association alongside the maintenance of local realities, is developing a network of national links, with the aim of making Winfocus more visible throughout the entire Switzerland. The presence of a national congress on an annual basis represents the most significant event of this association.

In addition, due to its geographic conformation and hospital structure Switzerland is perfect for the development of tutoring during daily clinical activity. Therefore, Winfocus-Switzerland is developing a fellowship path, in accordance with Winfocus-Global criteria, in order to facilitate training paths for colleagues interested in developing this training course in their clinical career.

Scientific Associations

The mission of Winfocus-Switzerland is to enhance knowledge and practice of both medical and nursing world, developing high quality point-of-care ultrasound certified program specifically in Switzerland according to Winfocus World principles, supporting both in-hospital and pre-hospital cares, particularly but not exclusively in the emergency and critical settings, with a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach and in close coordination with Winfocus World.

Winfocus-Switzerland are developing some important and strategically collaboration with some of the majors medical associations in Switzerland (FMH, SGUM, Geneva University, etc…) to find a way to insert its fellowship program in a reality that can put Winfocus’ goals together with local realities.



Coordinators & Instructors

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