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Main Contacts

Dr. Nuno Cortesão
Mobile +351919076915

Dr. Rui Barros
Mobile +351917917846

Dr. João Neves
Mobile +351912574725


WINFOCUS – Portugal started in October 2015 with a USLS BL1 course provided by Dr. José Pazeli Jr. (WINFOCUS – Brazil). At that point our main goals were to: 1) Establish a partnership with REANIMA (see below); 2) Identify, teach and certify REANIMA instructors in the context of USLS BL1 PRO; 3) Develop the pedagogic model of USLS BL1 PRO course within REANIMA; 4) Autonomize REANIMA to provide USLS BL1 PRO courses.

We have then conducted 6 USLS BL1 PRO courses during 2016 all of which had an international co-director (Drs. Miguel Montorfano, José Pazeli Jr., Ramón Nogué and Tomás Villén). At the end of that year WINFOCUS- Portugal was recognized as such! This was an important achievement since it represents the recognition of our efforts and our commitment not only to WINFOCUS, but especially to POCUS teaching. During 2017, we have already conducted 5 courses. Overall it represents 311 attendees (medical doctors) to our courses, 71% of which were fellows (80% from Internal Medicine).

Next year WINFOCUS – Portugal intends to consolidate its project by:
1. Applying (trough REANIMA) to be considered an International Training Unit (ITU).
2. Promoting Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (located near Lisbon) and Hospital de São Sebastião (in the center region of Portugal) as other 2 ITU`s.
3. Reinforcing its partnership with WINFOCUS – Spain

WINFOCUS – Portugal exists due to our honest belief that POCUS can, undoutebly, change clinical practice. We are indebt to José Pazeli Jr., Miguel Montorfano, Ramón Nogué and to Tomás Villén for their unconditional support. We must also thank Carmela Graci, Gio Volpicelli for their help and Davide Neri for all the hard work. We salute all WINFOCUS community which we invite to come to Portugal and visit us. Lastly, we are very much grateful to Dr. António Carneiro (REANIMA`s President) for his vision, support and advice.

Um abraço,

Nuno Cortesão

Scientific Associations

REANIMA ( is a non-profit association dedicated to post-graduate teaching of critical care medicine. REANIMA is tightly linked to the development of WINFOCUS-Portugal as it was its catalyser by organizing the very first USLB BL1 courses. At this moment all WINFOCUS courses conducted in Portugal are part of REANIMA`s Postgraduation in Critical Care Medicine.



Coordinators & Instructors

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