WINFOCUS RESearch in Critical Ultrasound and Echocardiography (RESCUE) Project

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RESearch in Critical Ultrasound and Echocardiography

RESCUE Global Initiative

  • Chair: Michael Blaivas (Atlanta, GA, USA)
    Co-Chair: Daniel Lichtenstein (Paris, France)
  • ILCEUS (International Liasion on Critical Echocardiography and UltraSound)
    Chair: Michael Blaivas (Atlanta, GA, USA)
    Co-Chair: Raoul Breitkreutz (Frankfurt, D)
  • SITCOM (Sonography Informatics, Technology and Communication)
    Chair: Scott Dulchavsky (Detroit, MI, USA)
  • USEBM (UltraSound Evidence Based Medicine)
    Chair: Mahmoud Barbary (Riyadh, SA)
    Co-Chair: Larry Melniker (NYC, NY, USA)
  • CUSJ (Critical UltraSound Journal)
    Chair: Michael Blaivas (Atlanta, GA, USA)

International Liasion on Critical and Emergency care UltraSound

The ILCEUS project, component of the RESCUE development plan, is shaped on the “ILCOR-like” format and is designed to gather the broadest consensus and evidence-based data, in order to develop International recommendations and guidelines for point-of-care critical ultrasound education, clinical practice, and technology development.

The project is developed within the frame of the RESCUE initiative, together with the SITCOM, CUSJ and USEBM projects.

It is expected to involve worldwide, in a gradual and scalable fashion, the major national and International societies devoted to EM, CCM, Surg, Anaest, HEMS/EMS care, Sport Medicine, Tactical & Disaster Medicine, Pediatrics, Imaging…

The ILCEUS plan started on September 2009, during the 5th World Congress in Sydney, and reached its first official statements during 2010, thanks to its most challenging component, “First International Consensus Conference on Pleural & Lung UltraSound”.


  • Life Support Protocols (USCLS, USTLS, USACLS, USPLS, USPHLS)
    Respiratory Distress, Shock, Cardiac Arrest
    Trauma/Non-Trauma, Adult/Pediatric patients
  • Procedures & Interventions
  • ECHO in ICU
  • Prehospital HEMS/EMS & Disaster Triage
  • Primary Health Care (USPHC, PRIMUS)
  • Education in EM, CCM, PHC (USCME, USCMC)


  • Sep 2009, Sydney, Australia (WINFOCUS 2009)
  • Nov 2009, Aharus, Denmark (WIN Scandinavia 2009)
  • Nov 2009, Milan, Italy (WIN Italy 2009)


  • Nov 2009, Bologna, Italy: Lung Ultrasound Track (1)
  • May 2010, Pisa, Italy: Lung Ultrasound Track (2)
  • Oct 2010, Rome, Italy: Lung Ultrasound Track (3)
  • May 2010, Amsterdam: US-guided Vascular Access Track (1)
  • Oct 2010, Rome (Italy): US-guided Vascular Access Track (2)
  • Oct 2010, Rome (Italy): Focused Echo Track (1)
  • Apr 2011, Columbia (SC, USA): Ultrasound in Medical Education
  • Apr 2011, Columbia (SC, USA): FAST Track (1)
  • May 2011, Milan (Italy): Focused Echo Track (2)
  • July 2011, Detroit (MI, USA): FAST Track (2)
  • July 2011, Detroit (MI, USA): US Resuscitation Track (1)
  • Sept 2011, Boston (MA, USA): Focused Echo Track (3)
  • Nov 2011, New Delhi (India): US Resuscitation Track (2)

Critical UltraSound Journal
Published by SPRINGER

‘Critical Ultrasound Journal’ is the official publication of WINFOCUS (World Interactive Network Focused on Critical UltraSound), the world’s leading scientific organization committed to developing point-of-care ultrasound practice, research, education, technology and networking and addressing the global needs of patients, institutions, services and communities living in out-of-hospital and in-hospital critical scenarios.

‘Critical Ultrasound Journal’ is an open-access international, peer-reviewed journal designed for clinicians using point-of-care ultrasound in any environment or setting. The journal publishes editorials, reviews, original articles, short communications and case reports and is open for publication of supplements and abstracts of scientific meetings.

By reaching audiences around the world, it plays a key role in bringing ultrasound to the patient’s bedside, where this technique can make the greatest difference. Requirements and guidelines for submission of papers can be obtained from the publisher. Besides its paper version, the journal is published online via the publisher’s platform SpringerLink at

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