WINFOCUS 13th World Congress

13th WINFOCUS World Congress

13th Winfocus World Congress
on Ultrasound in Emergency & Critical Care

Rosario (Argentina)
September 27th-30th 2017

Ros Tower Hotel – HECA – Universidad Nacional de Rosario

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Miguel Montorfano
President, WINFOCUS
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Letter from our President, Miguel Montorfano

WINFOCUS is the world leader society in promoting and teaching Point of Care Ultrasound both in-hospital and pre-hospital settings.

This innovative multifocal use of ultrasound, to answer rapidly many different clinical questions, is changing the way of doing medicine. As the stethoscope many years ago, Point of care ultrasound is changing the paradigm of medical care in multiple different scenarios, from rural and remote areas to high tech leading medical centers

Since the very beginning in 2006, WINFOCUS has organized courses in more than 60 countries, in 5 continents, training more than 40.000 doctors and health providers all over the world.

To be more effective in spreading Point of care Ultrasound globally, WINFOCUS has organized 12 World Congresses in different regions of the world: Milano, New York, Paris, Porto Alegre, Sydney, Rome, New Delhi, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Boston and Ljubljana has been the previous venues.

2017 is the turn of Rosario, in Argentina.

Latin America is considered the most unequal region of the world, considering the natural resources and the well being of the population. Also the access to health is very unequal with alternating high quality hospitals with overcrowded and scarce resources centers.

The use of Point of care ultrasound, a low cost and very accessible technical resource, can improve the access to health for many people in this region and all over the world.

Multifocal ultrasound is being used both in primary care and in complex intensive care units, to improve the diagnosis and management of the patients. Doctors from different specialties are increasingly using this tool as an extension of the physical examination, as a visual stethoscope, as an essential tool for a better and safer management of the patients.

Not only the diagnosis but also the continuous monitoring and the guidance of interventional procedures are enriched by the use of ultrasound.

Anesthesiologists, intensivists, internal medicine specialist, surgeons, emergency physicians, pediatricians, neumonologists, cardiologists, family medicine specialists, radiologists, nurses, medical vets, all are using this innovative and disruptive application in their patients in all clinical scenarios.
Point of care ultrasound is causing a revolution, not only in the way of doing medicine in the daily practice, but also and at the same time is completely changing the way of teaching and the way of learning medicine.

The main leaders in Point of care ultrasound, coming from allover the world, will meet in Rosario in September 2017 to show and teach the last advances in this innovative field.

At the same time, world leaders of different medical schools that have already integrated Point of care ultrasound in the curricula will show how they are using ultrasound to teach anatomy, physiology, semiology, surgery and internal medicine. The last advances of the Consensus Conference about “Ultrasound in Medical Education” organized and promoted by SUSME (Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education) and WINFOCUS will be presented and discussed. The conclusions of this consensus conference, to be published at the beginning of 2018 will probably change the curricula at the medical schools all over the world.

The attendants of the congress will have the opportunity of training with the most sophisticated ultrasound devices and interact and learn from the world leaders of ultrasound during the pre-congress courses.

The leading manufacturers of ultrasound devices will present and show the last innovations of their products in the technical expo.

Multifocal ultrasound is increasingly being used all over the world and is completely changing the way of doing medicine as we know it until today.

It is because all this, that this XIII Winfocus World Congress to be held in Rosario will be a milestone for the use of ultrasound in Latin America

We invite all of you to be part of this exciting and leading edge Congress

We invite all of you to be part of the history.

Miguel Montorfano – Winfocus President

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Ros Tower Hotel – HECA – Universidad Nacional de Rosario
Mitre 299, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina – map








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